American Nostalgic Brick Decorative Non-Pasted Wallpaper, 31-foot x 20.5-inch - Red
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31' (9.5m)
Fixture Width:
20.5" (53cm)
Moisture Resistant
Product Type:
Wallpaper Roll
Application Type:
Adults' Room
Total Area:
54.2 sq ft. / 5.04 m²

How many rolls do I need?

Measuring and calculating accurately in advance prevents you from buying excessive or inadequate rolls. Here's our top tips for estimating how many rolls you need.

Step 1: Plan ahead.

Determine which wall(s) you want to put on wallpaper. For a single wall, just measure its height and width; for multiple walls, you’ll have to add up all of their areas.

Step 2: Measure the height and width.

Measure the height and width of each wall that you want to put on the wallpaper. Write them down so you don’t forget.

       ●  For rectangular rooms (as most rooms are), just measure the height once since each wall of the same room would be the same measurement.

       ●  Round up the measurement to the next nearest number. For example, if the height of the wall is 99 1⁄4 inches, round it up to 100 inches instead of 99 inches.


Step3: Multiply the height and width(s) to get the total surface area.

Add up the widths of each wall from Step 2. Then multiply the height and width(s) to find the total covering surface area. For example,

       ●  Height: 100 inches;

       ●  Width of Wall 1: 144 inches;

       ●  Width of Wall 2: 150 inches;

       ●  Total Area: 100 x (144+150) = 29400 sq inches (=204.17 sq ft.)

Step 4: Add 20% waste to the total area.

In the process of installing, there will be overlapping as you want a seamless finish. You might also make a mistake or you need to repair any damage in the future. What’s more, wallpapers with pattern will need extra rolls to make sure their pattern match. For such waste and future use, you need to add an extra 20% to the total area. 

       ●  204.17 sq ft. x (1+20%) = 245 sq ft.

Step 5: Divide the total area by the area of each roll of wallpaper.

The specific area of our wallpaper could be found in the product detail (e.g. 57.1 sq ft). Divide your calculated total area by this product area then round it up to the nearest whole number. For example:

       ●  Total Area: 245 sq ft.;

       ●  Product area: 57.1 sq ft.;

       ●  Number of Rolls: 245➗57.1 ≈ 4.3, rounded up to 5 rolls.

So, you need 5 rolls in total.

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